Exclusive Membership Offer

20th August 2019

Cronulla Golf are now offering a fantastic opportunity for golfers aged 18-29! Join up as a member and there will be no joining fee payable until you turn 30. 


  • Join the only exclusive members golf club in the shire
  • Perfect for the younger aged golfer
  • Financial flexibility

Golf course benefits:

  • 3 x New Greens implemented (over the past 18 months)
  • New, exciting golf operational renovation plans in the pipeline
  • Future Course improvement program in place
  • Fantastic newly renovated hospitality venue

Intermediate Playing Member Rates 2019-2020:

This category comprises of 3 levels:

IPM 1 (18-21years)                     

Men $ 1430      Ladies $ 1250

IPM 2 (22-25years)  

Men $ 1830      Ladies $ 1600

IPM 3 (26-29years):

Men $ 2395      Ladies $ 2070

Please click here for application form. 

If you would like further information please contact Derryn derryn@cronullagolf.com.au or Kelly kelly@cronullagolf.com.au

Or call the office on (02) 9523-6777.