The Bandits - The Beatles & More | Sunday 8th April 4-7pm

8th April 2018

The Bandits are ACE Best Covers Band winners 2015 and with a fabulous history playing all the great songs of the 50's thorugh to today. The band will do a full 1 hour set of the Beatles and then the biggest hits from the 50’s to the 70’s.

Gary - Officially joining The Bandits in 2007, Gary has brought his energy, experience and passion to the band like no other before him. His vocals, harmonies and musicianship have elevated the band to a new level. Gary is probably best known by people as one of the members of the Ted Mulry Gang but his experience in the music industry spans well before and after that. He has worked alongside some of Australia's great recording artists and performed many concerts in front of thousands. He has made countless television appearances over the years. Gary is a true musician and performer (and a keen golfer!).

Warwick - Warwick joined The Bandits in 2005. Showing his passion for music at an early age, Warwick has played in such bands as Feather, Black Feather and The Screaming Tribesmen just to name a few. He has also made numerous television appearances, including the ABC's Countdown. Warwick's drumming is second to none. With a classic rock style that thumps out a beat, you just can't resist getting up and having a dance. Warwick and Gary together create a solid rhythm section that is the soul of The Bandits sound.
Just ask them, they're only too happy to tell you!

Paul - Founding member of The Bandits, Paul started it all back in 1989. Paul plays well over 150 gigs a year on lead guitar and vocals. With a fantastic line-up and the band constantly adding new songs to the repetoire, Paul loves playing in The Bandits more than ever before. Paul started his professional music career in The Beatboys in 1985. After that he joined The Echoes. It wasn't very long before Paul decided to start his own band and recruited some friends to create The Bandits. Paul has also worked in several tribute shows, recreating all sorts of music legends from Buddy Holly to Ritchie Valens, one of the Everly Brothers and even George Harrison (though Paul says he looks more like Ringo).

Conrad - After years of working in a variety of bands, Conrad moved over to Sydney band The Beatboys. Some time later he joined the show band Sixties Mania where he toured all over the globe. After an exhausting schedule he decided to move back to home ground, joining up with The Swinging Sixties (where he was better known as Johnny Moondog). Although only officially joining The Bandits on a permanent basis in 2008, Conrad has been working with the band virtually from the start. Playing guitar and bass guitar when needed, Conrad can also belt out those classic songs with his dynamic vocal range.

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