Course Conditions

Wednesday  24th   April




Please refer to the local rules board before you hit off for the local rules for the day.




Carts/Bikes – Wet Weather Decision Process


1. If the Golf Course has received large amounts of rainfall the night prior or days leading into any particular day, at approximately 5.30am each morning, the senior Green Staff member on shift will complete a course inspection to determine if carts/bikes are permitted on the course. When available the Greens Chairman will also attend such inspections.

The guidelines used are as follows:

  • Assess the amount of rainfall received the previous day/night or days prior
  • Inspect the overall surface water visible on the fairways & light rough
  • Review the forecasted weather conditions for the next 24 hours
  • The time of year summer/winter is also taken into consideration.

2. The club’s website will then be updated as soon as decision is made (generally by 6.00am) informing members’ of the daily conditions.

The Green Staff appreciate the impacts not permitting carts/bikes on the course has on certain members and sympathise with their position. They also understand given favourable weather conditions the course can dry out and look fine for carts/bikes by the afternoon, however a decision is required to be made as how they view the course conditions at 5.30am.

The long term interests of the golf course will always be the priority when making such decisions.

New Temporary Local Rules

1.    7th hole – Line of sight relief from safety fence (adjacent to the 8th tee)

             Golfers receive line of sight relief  (nearest point either end of the fence) to where

             your ball is positioned, no nearer the hole. (The pevious drop zone has now been



3.    White paint will no longer be used to identify bare patches (G.U.R) on the

       fairways. Bare patches on all closely mown portions (fairways only) are to

        be treated as G.U.R. Unfilled & sand filled divots are not classed as bare patches.



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